Coty Airspun Powder Review

Good morning lovelies!

I've been using this awesome powder for a couple years, and it's by far the best I've ever used, and cheap to boot!
It's Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder in Translucent, I picked mine up from Walmart, I think it was around six bucks?
It originally came with a huge white powder puff, but I ditched that ages ago in lieu of my brushes.
The powder isn't truly translucent, it does have a pinkish orange tint, and it's floral scented. I like the rosy scent, but from what I've seen from other blogger's reviews, it can be a turn off.

The container is split up with a shaker top, I usually tap that with my brush handle to get some powder in the top, then swirl off the excess powder from my brush into the lid. It's amazing for setting foundation, or just for using on bare skin to control oil. You get a ton of product for a great price, I've been using this container for almost a year and still have tons to go.

Pop over again tomorrow morning!


  1. hmmmm...interesting. This is my first time to see this and I am impressed. I think its really something worth checking out.


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