Color Club Over the Moon

Good morning lovelies!

I swear the minute I decided to swatch something holographic, clouds rolled in and it started raining. This always seems to happen to me....
These are actually day 3 pics, I gave up on trying to take pics with real sunlight, I did my best with a lamp and my camera's flash. So sadly I can't show off the full intensity of the glorious holo. I don't think I even had any wear or tear at this point, which goes to show how awesome the Halo Hue polishes are!

This is two coats of Over the Moon w/shiny topcoat, this is my favorite of the Halo Hues, I just adore this aquamarine shade.

Pop over again tomorrow morning!


  1. These are so gorgeous so shimmery and lovely for a day at the pool or something!

    Meme xx

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