What's up buttercup?

Hello Lovelies!

This has been a rather hectic week, and somehow I accidentally posted my Sunday swatch yesterday, so Saturday's weekly wrap up got moved to today. I'm starting a new full time job tomorrow so posting might slow down a tad, but I'll try my hardest to keep posting consistently! I have a thrift haul post planned and some new makeup tips to show you lovelies.

reading: Civilization & the Limpet,
listening to: David Bowie,
watching: One Punch Man, Akatsuki no Yuna, Full Metal Panic,
slices of the internet: Nails Grotto, Mythic Nails, Sailor Moon Almond Nail Set,
wanting: my new phone to get here asap,
liking: that I got all my polished organized in Nail Polish Rack,
eating: mint milanos and puff cheetos,
drinking: jasmine tea,
wearing: oversized long sleeve shirts and lounge pants,
on my nails: LynBDesigns Let's Start With the Riding Crop,
looking forward: to my first day on the job tomorrow,
buying: a bunch of new clothes at the goodwill bins,
working on: new review posts,

See you later~


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