What's up buttercup?

Hello Lovelies!

The blog kind of got away from me for the last week, I think I forgot to post/skipped the last swatch sunday, weekly wrap up, and nails news.... But I'm back and trying to get on track!

watching: One Punch Man, Golden Time,
listening to: Vienna by Billy Joel,
reading: Civilization and the Limpet by Martin Wells,
on my nails: Ulta Bronze Sunset and OPI French Quarter For Your Thoughts,
playing: Skyrim,
wearing: full length black peacoat,
eating: puff cheetos,
drinking: orange pekoe tea,
buying: xmas gifts,
wanting: to find a cute tardigrade tshirt,
liking: this subtle skyrim shirt,
disliking: that this month is zooming by so fast,
working on: catching up in the Aiyoohehe challenge before time is up,

See you later~


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