Sinful Colors Starry Night swatches

Hello Lovelies!

I feel like I've been swatching an awful lot lately instead of my usual nail art fare, but I felt this polish justified a post of it's own!
Walgreens is having a 99 cent sale on Sinful Colors polishes, and I actually only had one beforehand, so I went in and snagged a couple!

This is three coats of Sinful Colors Starry Night with topcoat! This is a rather strange polish, it's a black jelly with micro holo glitter, but it also has random little gold shards throughout the bottle, but they're pretty few and far between so it's hard to fish them out onto the nail. This is the thickest jelly I've ever encountered, not in a bad way, but it was a little fiddly in application.

And here's a artistic shot to fully show off the sparkly-ness of these nails!

Thanks for reading!


  1. I love jelly polishes and this one sounds really interesting! I'll be sure to pick it up because I love the way it looks on your nails, although I'm a little worried about the application of it!
    Modern Beauty Girl
    Other Modern Girl


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