Saturday, May 3, 2014

Weekly wrap up

Hi girls!

I haven't been able to do one of these in almost a month since the 30DC took up my blogging schedule, but I'm getting back to these and my snapshot sundays!

Here's what I've been doing lately:

Reading: Slaughterhouse five by Kurt Vonnegut,
Listening to:  Not Fair by Lily Allen,
Watching: The Quiet Ones, Nothing Left To Fear, Sailor Moon, Kill La Kill, Supernatural, Walking Dead,
Eating: Hp chocolate frogs!,
Drinking: Dr. Pepper,
Wearing: my blue sundress since it got up to '85!
Drawing: on paint SAI for the first time, I actually got the hang of it without too much trouble,
Blogs I've found recently: Becky Style Journey, The Clothes Horse, Sea of Shoes,
Buying: some new polish that I'm planning on swatching very soon,
Liking: this funny Supernatural headcanon,
Finding: these totoro tights,
On my nails: APH Canada nail art,

Thanks for reading!

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