Tri-Polish raspberry rose skittles

Hi girls!

It's Tri-Polish Tuesday and I think these are the best nails that I've come up with so far for this month! I used the same green as last Tuesday for the base for my nail art, Pure Ice home run. I haven't done roses in ages so I used this tutorial by PinkFlyingCow97 on Youtube to help me out. The shimmery polish I used for the striping and roses is NYC in a new york color minute fruit punch, it's a raspberry red super shimmery polish, and the purple is L.A colors color craze tropical breeze; I used that for the highlights on the roses.

I used Zoya giovanna for the leaves and Wet n Wild wild shine french white creme for the highlights on the leafs and roses. I really love the striped nails, I was surprised by how well those two polishes go together! I haven't done any striped nails in quite a while; I had forgotten how much I like them!

Thanks for reading!


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