30DC SNES Addams Family nails

Hi girls!

Today's theme in the 30DC is videogames! I went old school and did some nails inspired by SNES The Addams Family. In the game you play as Gomez Addams and the goal is to rescue all the family members from various baddies. I chose an arrangement of baddies to adorn my nails with, I added some pictures of them below so you can compare them!


My thumb is the bear rug from pic number 1, my index is the green imp looking baddie in number 2, my middle is the baddie that resembles a thumbtack (or at least I think so), from number 4, and my ring is the venus flytrap from number 3. And since there are lots of chains throughout the game I stamped some on my pinkie. And it just so happens that it Monday Blues today too, so I did a pretty good job lining this up!

I used way too many polishes to list here, but if you want to know the name of a specific color, just ask!

Thanks for reading!


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