Calvin Klein ck one mascara review

Hi girls!

I signed up for Ulta's rewards program a few months back and I was recently e-mailed a voucher for a free Calvin Klein mascara since my birthday is coming up, the email said they were going to send all of their members a voucher in their birth month.

This is in the shade black but it looks like this mascara comes in quite a few colors, I saw it in blue and purple on the Calvin Klein website. The packaging says "Multi-look brush expands or contracts for on-demand volume, length, and definition. Long wearing smudge + flake resistant + ophthalmologist tested." I didn't think to read the packaging before opening it up so it took me a minute to figure out how to change the brush length, the very top of the tube twists and changes the length and thickness of the wand.

The top picture is before twisting and the lower is after. Using the wand after contacting the bristles adds a lot of volume in application, and the stretched out version mostly lengthens and separates your lashes. I've read other reviews saying it was difficult to remove the mascara even with makeup remover but I didn't have any trouble taking it off. The only complaint I have is it dries very fast, so if you want to brush your lashes in between coats you have to work quickly.
Besides that, I really like it and I think it's a lovely mascara, but I probably wouldn't buy one for the full price which is 20-24 dollars.

Thanks for reading!


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