Purple peacocks he's got fifty-three!

Hi guys!

It's day four of the #31DC2013 and it's green day! I actually did these nails ages ago while I was at the coast, I haven't found a good opportunity to post them until now! I've been drooling over Deborah Lippman's Mermaids Dream for quite a while, but the sixteen dollar price tag is a quite a bit of a deterrent.
I think I've been in a Sally Beauty maybe once before, but I had time to kill before we went out to eat so we went in and I found this amazing polish! This is Sally Girl Brainy and it's a perfect dupe for Mermaids Dream, or at least I think so from the various swatches I've seen.
And for the cherry on top it was only 99 cents!

It was a little patchy on my first coat, but the second totally smoothed it out. I think this is three coats, although it might only be two, I'm not sure.

I stamped over it in Konad stamping polish black with W108. And although this is a gorgeous polish by itself, love it with the peacock feathers! This has a really dense glittery consistency, so it held up on my nails for ages before chipping, but it does have a rough almost textured polish feeling on the nail.

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