Evanora inspired nail art


A friend recently took me to see Oz the great and powerful, and I immediately noticed that Evanora was sporting some wicked looking nail art.
I wasn't able to tell if the colors were black or emerald, but I though emerald would look better so that's the one I went with. I started with a base of a sheer purple toned French mani polish, then I used a striping brush to add the emerald. And I used the striping brush again to add the gold trim.

From a distance away these look pretty wicked, up close they're a bit more tame.

I'm thinking these would look great in black and dark purple, I love the spiky-ness of them!

And since these are wicked witch nails I had to do a claw pose!

Here's the polishes I used:

L.A colors basecoat/topcoat,
N.Y.C kisses,
Sally Hansen Insta-dry jumpin' jade,
Nina Ultra pro gladiator,
a striping brush,
and N.Y.C in a new York colour minute grand central station.

Thanks for reading!


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