Saturday, March 30, 2013

Llama nails time periods nail challenge!


I found a new challenge to take part in, the Llama nails time periods nail challenge! I'm really looking forward to the Victorian era day! But first I have day one's Jurassic era nail art!

I went and looked up dinosaurs that lived in the Jurassic era and ended up picking the allosaurus and this was the best picture I could find of it's footprints.
I started with a coppery polish and sponged a gold polish over it. I used a detail brush to paint the foot prints, I tried to make them sort of smudged looking and I finished with a matte topcoat to give it that muddy/stone look.

I'm really loving my matte topcoat! I have a feeling I'll have to get more soon.

Here's the polishes I used:

L.A colors basecoat/topcoat,
Elle 18 nail pops unnamed,
Color mates nail art cocoa,
Lakme fast and fabulous 40" gold caramel,
N.Y.C matte me crazy,
and a sponge.

Thanks for reading!

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