Rue beaute nail deco green


I finally got around to swatching the other Rue beaute nail deco polish I got a few months ago!

I've used it a few times already, so I thought the colors would be more mixed together but it seems to want to stay dark green. This polish dries really fast and it has a matte finish.

I added a thin coat of Crayola sea green over it, I think that brings out the blue in the polish a little.

The bottle is layered with blue, yellow, and lime green polishes, maybe if I stored it upside down for a while I'd get more of the other colors?

And I had to include a bottle shot with all the other pictures of just my nails.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Is there a reason you are not "rolling" the polish to mix it as one does with polishes normally?

    1. Since the polish is layered in the bottle, the notion is that you'd get a kind of water marble effect, if I shook or rolled it up like my usual polishes, it would lose the layers.


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