Friday, December 7, 2012

Fly away


Today's 365 prompt is to make something with balloons. At first I thought about blowing some up and taking pictures of them in interesting places, but then I realized I could paint hot air balloons! So I went with the nail based course of action instead.

I painted the clouds with a creamy white polish and then I put a sheer layer of a sparkly sheer white, EN-VY funny bunny. Sadly it doesn't show in the pictures, but in real life the clouds are shimmery and almost fluffy looking.

 I'm loving anything to do with hot air balloons at the moment, so I'm especially liking these.

Here's the polishes I used:

L.A colors hardener/strengthener,
Lakme color crush 03,
Wet n wild wild shine french white creme,
EN-VY funny bunny,
Orly ever burgundy,
Essence colour and go little miss sunrise,
Oil of olay cafe latte,
Nina ultra pro gladiator,
4 east cosmetics clear nail polish,
and a striping brush.

Thanks for reading!

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