Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Turkey hand nail art

Today's 365 prompt is to make something inspired by your hand. I wanted to do something thanksgiving related so I painted the turkeys you make by tracing your hand and filling it in.
I started by painting the outline of the turkey in brown and filling in the belly.

These were really hard to photograph since the turkey curves over the entire nail, I couldn't get everything in one shot so I have both angles of my thumb.
I used a dotting tool to paint the stripes on the feathers instead of a brush since they're so small. And I used the dotting tool again for the eyes and beak.

Here's the polishes I used:

L.A colors hardener/strengthener,
Color mates winey the pooh,
Essence colour and go little miss sunrise,
Wet n wild wild shine black creme,
Wet n wild wild shine french white creme,
Wet n wild wild shine jezebel,
Lotus herbals colour dew pink lustre,
Color mates nail art cocoa,
L.A colors art deco mint green,
L.A colors art deco dark purple,
L.A colors art deco orange,
a striping brush,
a dotting tool,
and Quick dry top coat.

Thanks for reading!

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