Sunday, November 25, 2012

scunci evolution hair bands

I have really thick hair and I'm always snapping or wearing out the elastic of my hairbands. Most of mine only last a week so I've been looking for a different tougher type.

I found these, scunci no slip grip evolution hair bands at Walmart for 2.98.
I wore them for a couple days before I passed my verdict, and I absolutely love them!
I practice martial arts so I always have my hair up in class and these keep your hair in place all day without loosening up. And as a plus they don't look as silly as normal hair ties when you leave them on your wrist all day. I've used the same one for a week and it hasn't bent out of shape or lost it's elasticity at all. So overall these are the best hair bands I've ever bought and I highly recommend them!

Thanks for reading!

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