Rue beaute nail deco

I was a strip mall in Lincoln city and I saw a shop I'd never seen called Rue21. I got these nail polishes for 2.50 and I've never seen this type before.
They have three different polishes layered in one bottle so you get a sort of marbled look. I got the only colors they had yellow, green, and blue, and pink, purple, and blue.

This is the polish all by itself, it dries matte and is mostly pink on the nails. I think after I've used it a couple times the colors will blend more. On the top of the lid of the bottle it says do not shake, but when you start out you only get mostly one color on your nails.

I felt they looked a bit plain for pink Wednesday so I stamped hearts over them.

Here's the polishes I used:

L.A colors strengthener/hardener,
Rue beaute nail deco pink purple blue,
Konad special stamping polish black,
and Shany stamping plate SH11.

Thanks for reading!


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