New indian nail polish!

About a month ago I won a contest on the daily nail! The prize was either twenty dollars worth of indian cosmetics/nail polish or a twenty dollar e-certificate to a store of your choice. I picked indian nail polish and I absolutely love the polishes Melissa sent me!

This is all the lovely polish in the box it came in, I unwrapped everything before I even thought of taking pictures so I don't have pics of them when they were all wrapped up.

I painted my nails with all the polishes and took pictures of the bottles along side them.
This is Lakme true wear nail color twilight mauve, and a unknown Lakme color crush.

This is Lotus herbals colour dew deep sea, Lotus herbals colour dew copper gold, Lotus herbals colour dew pink lustre, Lotus herbals colour dew gold mist, and Lakme fast & fabulous one stroke nail color gold caramel.

I painted my nails backward on this one so the bottles and nails are opposite of each other.
This is EN-VY Funny bunny, EN-VY blue my mind, EN-VY cuckoo for you, Elle 18 nail pops unknown coppery gold and blue.

And I just wanted to say thank you so much Melissa I absolutely adore all the polish and I plan on putting it to good use!

Thanks for reading!


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