Happy Halloween!

Here's my finished wedding dress! I bought the fake blood last minute so I haven't got a chance to photograph up 'till now. And if you haven't noticed I'm being a zombie bride. I got the dress a couple months ago and most of the accessories at the dollar tree. I'm very happy with how it turned out and think its one of my better costumes I've made. And as a plus it kept me pretty warm except for my hands which went numb. But besides that the evening went well and we got tons of candy to last 'till at least thanksgiving when we will pig out once again.

Here's the nails that I wore with my costume! I've seen a lot of press on nails like this at drug stores and I wanted to try doing them freehand. I used a pin and dripped drops of nail polish on my nails and then dragged it down to make a trail.
Here's the polishes I used:
Sally Hansen double duty base coat
N.Y.C sheer french manicure nail enamel Kisses
Orly ever burgundy
N.Y.C top coat
a pin
Thanks for reading! (And Happy Halloween!) Pickedresses Prom dresses Canada


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