100 hundreth post!

In celebration of my 100 hundredth post I wrote an October inspired poem.

Claws and wings the darkness brings,
Howling and groaning, screeching and moaning.
The creaking open of a closed door,
The rustling of something starting to soar.
Clacking and snapping of sharp teeth,
coming from something underneath,
rising up from under the ground,
rumbling, tunneling starting to sound.
Breaking the surface finally at last,
hasn't touched sunlight in many years past.
Spreading out wings and shaking off dust,
thinking, planning starting to lust
for blood, flesh, vengeance and death,
won't be anyone for it left.
Hasn't been awake for so long
didn't hear the call of the song,
that awoken all the other beasts
called them up from underneath.
They all wreaked havoc and destroyed it all,
nothing left for it to maul.
So it folds up again and settles down,
goes back to sleep far under the ground,
to wait until the song is once again sung,
So it can start something to be begun.

I also painted a Frankenstein's monster inspired nail design.
Here's the polishes I used:
Sally Hansen double duty base coat
London Rimmel 60 second color camouflage
L.A. colors art deco black
N.Y.C top coat
Happy painting!


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