disease book pack

Every year my library does a summer reading club where you can enter raffles and get prizes and things. I've been doing this for many years and have never won a thing. The way it works is every hour you read you can get a prize drawing ticket. I had about a hundred tickets and entered them in for the fantasy book pack. You have to write the name of the thing you want on your ticket and the one I wanted was 11C. I must of accidentally wrote a couple as 11B and guess what? For the first time in all these years I finally win a raffle and its for the prize I accidentally wrote tickets for!
There was two books in the prize and one was a autobiography of a woman with polio, and the other was a story about a girl escaping a city swept by an epidemic! And the name of this wonderful set of books? Why the Bliss book pack of course! I don't mean to be ungrateful that I finally won a raffle but seriously! The only time I win and I get the disease book pack! A little depressing don't you think?
But I did get a copy of Fahrenheit 451 with a cool cover so that makes up for a bit of it.
So if your entering a raffle, write your tickets carefully!
Happy reading(and painting)!


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