pink pawprints

It's been raining all week now and my chickens have been leaving tracks all over in the mud. So I did a paw print today, and its pink for on Wednesdays we wear pink. I used a detail brush for the black prints and painted pink for the back ground.
I've finished my shrug and I'll post pics once I have it blocked. Right after I finished it I started my first pair of socks. I have tried to do socks before but I abandoned them a little way in. I intend to finish these and wear them lots. The pattern has lace across the tops and they're anklets too. I have the heel done on the first of my pair. And judging on how fast I got the heel done they will be wearable very soon. Part of the reason I've avoided socks for so long is I despise dpns. I seem to drop my stitches every two seconds when I use them. But I have put aside my ill past with them and will try to put up with them. Wish me luck!


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