I made a pile of a bunch of blue things I found around the house. And I took the picture with a blue camera! Here's a list of all the stuff: a pair of blue polka dot shoes, a zip lock box, a paper lantern I painted blue, 1st place sparring medal, 3 balls of yarn, a chunk of fabric, Harry potter and the order of the phoenix, 2 skirts,3 shirts, and some pj bottoms, a box of Pillsbury fudge mix, a notebook with a lobster on it, my dsi, some sunscreen, a webkinz midnight monster, a bag of la choy show mien noodles, my blue stripe karate belt, a cup, Cd case, towel, one mitten, my duvet, and my blue laundry basket. And this may seem like a lot of blue stuff but you go through your house and see how much you have!


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