mad hatter top hat

I was browsing the Internet looking for a pattern for a knitted hat and found this video on how to make a mad hatter hat out of fabric. I took a card stock cylinder the shape of my head and covered it in satin. Then I made a circle under it to make a slant to the fabric. I made the brim out of satin stretched over wire to give it shape and I took a piece of card stock and singed the edges to make it look aged.
I wrapped some pink ribbon around the brim and tucked in some peacock feathers and I had this wonderful hat. It took me about three hours to make it but there were some pauses so you could make it quicker. The only tricky part was sewing around the brim because I had to maneuver the hat around my sewing machine and try not to bend it.
Besides that it was fairly simple to make.


  1. wow so informational. i might try to make this it is really cool. thanks


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