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Let's get caught up, shall we?

I was curious and dug into my archives, I haven't actually written a weekly wrap up since 2016.... I'm blown away that it's been so long!

I got bit by the writing bug at the beginning of the year; this made one of my main New Year's resolutions to be getting back on the horse and to start posting regularly. I've missed my weekly "what's going on" series most of all, so I thought this would be an easy way to slide back into the groove of things :) Some of the links below are affiliate links~

listening to: Canvas by Imogen Heap
watching: Portlandia, Bates Motel, & The Ancient Magus' Bride
eating: caramel tim tams
drinking: earl grey tea
finding: I finally tracked down the pair of floral Doc Martens I've been lusting after for months, they've gotten quite a bit of wear this past month!
wanting: to start collecting enamel pins, they're so cute! Mainly this merman and this space teacup
on my nails: geometric stamped gels
wearing: m…

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