Saturday, June 13, 2015

Peek into my week

Hello Lovelies!

here's what I've been up to lately:

drinking: white orange tea,
eating: mexican food for dinner,
wearing: a 1920's nyo!America cosplay for the first time,
buying: a foundation that actually matches my skin tone for once!
happy about: finally achieving a smoky eye that looks nice and not like I have a black eye,
finding: this tutorial about making brooches out of stickers you can't bear to use,
liking: this awesome death note nail art,
watching: OITNB, bob's burgers, malcolm in the middle, ore monogatari!, yamada-kun and the seven witches,
sewing: still working on my version of this dress,
slices of the internet: Pretty Nails by Kasia,
songs stuck in my head: this playlist,
on my nails: Hypnotic Sephora X,
wanting: my dress to come out nicely and half way as good as I'm imagining it in my head,

Thanks for visiting with me!

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