Friday, August 15, 2014

Fun fair nails

Hello Lovelies!

My aunt had free tickets to the county fair so I had to do some nails for the trip!

I didn't see all of these games so I wasn't able to get pics with them, but I got some nice shots in spite of that! I have goldfish on my index for the penny tossing game, ducks on my middle for the shooting games, coke bottles with tossing rings on my ring finger, the strength tester on my pinkie, and a dunk tank on my thumb!

My dunk tank didn't come out quite like I hoped, I think adding the cage around my stick figure muddled it up.

Found this cutie in one of the huge barns, rabbits are surprisingly hard to get non-blurry pictures of, haha.

Even though it was pretty warm, there were some gorgeous clouds drifting over the fair grounds and I was able to take these for my sky pic blog.

Thanks for reading!

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