Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Going batty

Hi guys!

I actually have some pink nail art on my nails for Wednesday! I don't think I've been able to do that in at least a month, the 31DC pretty much killed Pink Wednesdays for me for that stretch of time.
Today's nails were inspired by these nails by Spud Nails, I just love her blog name!

Do you ever get a bottle of polish that refuses to open every time you want to use it no matter what? The pink polish I used for this is one of those, after hurting my hands trying to open it I finally gave in and ran it under hot water to loosen up the paint. And I've only used this three or four times!
I freehanded the pink tips with the bottle brush and I used a striping brush for the bats.
I also added some tiny purple eyes with a dotting tool, but I wasn't able to get them to show up in the pictures.

Polishes I used:

NYC extra shiny top coat,
NYC kisses,
Wet n wild wild shine tickled pink,
Wet n wild fast dry ebony hates chris,
L.A colors color craze nuclear energy,
a dotting tool,
and a striping brush.

Thanks for reading!

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