Friday, March 29, 2013

Tri-Polish challenge Day one clouds


I think I saved my best for first instead of last! I did a cloud mani using the wonderful Nailside's tutorial which you can check out here.
I used all my polishes in this one, and I love how it turned out! All my previous attempts have been less than satisfactory, but this one is great.

I wasn't sure how these colors would look together in this, but they go together surprisingly well!

Here's the polishes I used:

L.A colors basecoat/topcoat,
L.A colors color craze tropical breeze,
Color mates nail art teal,
Wet n wild wild shine blazed,
and N.Y.C in a new York color minute grand central station.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Hi Alexandria, thanks for your message on my blog. I LOVE the colors you used in this mani! They're so cheerful! :-D

  2. This clouded nailart is gorgeous indeed! Just created my 2nd clouded nailart (inspired by Nailside too ;-) ) Love the polishes you have combined!