Wednesday, June 29, 2011

pink lace

Hi everybody ! I did white lace over a pink base coat for today's pink Wednesday. I put the lace on while my base coat was still tacky and put top coat over the whole thing.
I think next time I'll use thinner lace and that will help get the lace to lay flatter.
I had to hold the edges of the lace down until they dried to keep them flat.
I think I'll stick with painted lace because I can do better detail and plus I just don't like 3D stuff.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

newspaper nails

Aren't these brilliant? I found them while looking around on paint that nail. I was thinking that if you did the same thing but with the comics from the Sunday paper it would be cool. I haven't tried it yet though.
I used L.A girl disco brights Light show as my base coat before I did the newspaper and put on top coat.
A couple days after I did my nails I did it on a friend's nails. When I did it on her nails the ink rubbed off right away because I forgot to put on the top coat, so don't forget like I did! Also if you let your nail get to wet when you dip it in the alcohol the paper will stick and smear your polish, so let it dry a minute and you'll be fine.
Happy painting!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Blue checkers

I've tried checkers a couple times since I got my new detail brush. I tried outlining the squares and then filling them in and that didn't work. I also tried doing the squares individually and that's what I did this time. I used a white as a base coat and the blue is Pure ice french kiss .

It came out with a kind of dinery feel to it in my opinion. Like the napkins or table tops in a burger joint. The first time I tried checkers ( and failed miserably), I used bright red and white. I think I've improved greatly since then.

pink flowers

Today's pink Wednesday nails were inspired by a bag I sewed a couple months ago. I really love this fabric and wanted to apply it to something so I did nails!
I used a bronze-ish pink from color workshop as a base coat, L.A colors art deco white and pink for the flower petals , and L.A colors color craze hot pink for the middle of the flowers.
I mixed a little bit of L.A colors orange and yellow to make a sort of golden color for the centers. And I topped it all of with N.Y.C top coat.
I'll be doing more flowery designs in the future I think. I've been planning to do roses but I can't get the details right so I'll keep trying to get it down to an art before I post pics of them.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

silver edged pink mani

Happy pink Wednesday! I did a pink and silver mani with orly razzle as the pink and silver L.A colors art deco for the silver. I used a really light pink as my base coat. The silver was really hard to pick up with my camera but I got it to pick up in sunlight and it showed up pretty well.
I did the pink freehand and the silver has a detail brush. I have lots of new designs but haven't got around to posting them yet, so lots of new stuff for later.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

wenseday pink squiggles

Today I did white squiggles on pink. I used L.A colors art deco for the squiggles and painted the background pink. I was going for a kind of royally feel. I've been kind of hard pressed for good pink designs so ideas are welcome! The main problem is I only have 2 shades of pink and a couple kinda brown/pink ones.


I've been looking at Noah Scalin's 365 skull project a lot lately. So I painted skull nails! I used L.A colors art deco purple and white for the skulls and I did the background in a steely black. If you wanted to do these you should probablly do like a circle and then a rectangle overlapping the circle instead of just doing the whole thing like I did. It would be easier to keep them the same size if you did it that way I think.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

pink pawprints

It's been raining all week now and my chickens have been leaving tracks all over in the mud. So I did a paw print today, and its pink for on Wednesdays we wear pink. I used a detail brush for the black prints and painted pink for the back ground.
I've finished my shrug and I'll post pics once I have it blocked. Right after I finished it I started my first pair of socks. I have tried to do socks before but I abandoned them a little way in. I intend to finish these and wear them lots. The pattern has lace across the tops and they're anklets too. I have the heel done on the first of my pair. And judging on how fast I got the heel done they will be wearable very soon. Part of the reason I've avoided socks for so long is I despise dpns. I seem to drop my stitches every two seconds when I use them. But I have put aside my ill past with them and will try to put up with them. Wish me luck!