Thursday, April 28, 2011

wicked witch of the east

I've watched a lot of commercials lately about the Wizard of Oz and it got me thinking. No one ever thinks about the witch of the east. So I painted shoes with her stockings in them. And I did the yellow brick road on my little fingers. The shoes were very tricky. The one on my left hand was perfect the first time , but since I'm right handed the right took like four tries. But practice makes perfect ( or so they say)!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

static nails

These nails were inspired by those spheres of electricity that have little tendrils inside them. At first they were going to be vines with leaves but halfway through I changed it to this. I'm very pleased with how nicely they came out. I did a base coat of black and then purple with a L.A colors art brush. I use the art brushes in alot of my nails and I really like how easy they make little and intricate designs.

mad hatter top hat

I was browsing the Internet looking for a pattern for a knitted hat and found this video on how to make a mad hatter hat out of fabric. I took a card stock cylinder the shape of my head and covered it in satin. Then I made a circle under it to make a slant to the fabric. I made the brim out of satin stretched over wire to give it shape and I took a piece of card stock and singed the edges to make it look aged.
I wrapped some pink ribbon around the brim and tucked in some peacock feathers and I had this wonderful hat. It took me about three hours to make it but there were some pauses so you could make it quicker. The only tricky part was sewing around the brim because I had to maneuver the hat around my sewing machine and try not to bend it.
Besides that it was fairly simple to make.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

easter nails and chicks

Happy Easter! A couple weeks ago we got chicks from the feed store and Betty has been taking care of them. This is what they looked like when we first got them and they were still all puffy and fluffy. And this is present day chickens. They are still cute but not as fluffy.We also got four more chicks to keep the first two company.

I painted stripes in spring colors for Easter. I layered the colors over each over so it wasn't as hard to paint. I was going to paint eggs at first but then I decided that would scream Easter loudly for the following days I'll be wearing them.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

nails over the week

I tried marbling on my nails for the first time which is a method of aqueous design.
I put drops of different nail polishes in a bowl and swirled them around with a toothpick.I put tape around my nail beds so the cleanup would be easier. Then I laid my nail on top of the polish and let it sit there for a minute before I lifted it out. This is the result.

The thumb nail is cookie monster and the rest of the nails are cookies.
The cookie crumbs were a bit harder than I thought they would be. I had to change browns so they would stand out right.

I was looking around my room for inspiration and saw some crayola crayons and this is what that led to. I did a base coat and then a black stripe with the a little squiggle.

Friday, April 1, 2011

good v.s evil

I was going through all my polishes and saw this glittery scarlet red and thought of devil horns. So I did little devils with horns and pointed tails on one hand,
and angels with white gowns and halos on the other. The horns and tails were much easier to do than I expected them to be. The angels gowns don't look as graceful as I wanted but they'll do.