Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Making new habits

Morning all!

Well hey there, long time no see..... sorry about the radio silence! I decided making mini posts for every nail design is redundant since I post almost the exact same thing on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, so I'm going to start only posting long wordy things here in bloggy land, and keep my eyecandy over on my other social media. *cough-check out the handy dandy buttons on the side for all my profiles-cough*

I've gotten into the bad habit of only using jojoba oil for my skincare routine and that's it. I dropped using any serums or lotions, and barely use any of my face masks. So needless to say my skin is not too pleased with me; I'm going to try to not be quite so lazy moving forward.
Lately I've been using this toner from Valentia, it has witch hazel + tea tree oil, which I use all the time so this actually makes my routine go a bit quicker by combining the two. And then as far as cleansers go, I'm using Swissvita's Cleanser Cream, it's a super gentle thick cream that foams into a cleanser. I use a pea sized dollop of the cream with warm water each night. I'd compare this to Cetaphil in terms of gentleness, but with a bit more oomph. And also since it's such a thick cream, a little goes an extremely long way, this 3.5 oz tube will last me ages.

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I received some products mentioned above free to test and review, but all opinions are my own.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Thermal Fun

Morning all!

I'd forgotten how fun thermal polishes are, I haven't played around with one since December!
This is from the same line polishes from BPS, this is #8 from Blue Sky.

It's a bright cotton candy pink while warm, and then blackened chestnut brown when cold.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Beauty Ally Makeup Brushes

Hello all!

This is less of an intelligent review, and more of a "ooh pretty brushes" spam, I hit that perfect golden hour while taking these pictures, and these brushes are too gorgeous to only have one or two pics.

Beauty Ally sent these over for me to test and review, the set has 10 brushes, a mirror compact, and a carrying case that snaps together to keep the brushes safe while not in use. 

These are synthetic bristles, but they're super soft and I only noticed a couple loose stray hairs when I first took them out of the packing. For some reason in sunlight the bristles look blue, but in normal lighting they're just an off white which is kinda strange.
These are very dense and pick up product easily, I've been using the eyebrow brush and eyeshadow blur brush the most~ I wish the powder brush was a bit larger, but overall I love each of these brushes and I expect to get a ton of use out of them.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Pastel Matte Florals

Morning all!

I was in a pastel matte mood, used the polishes nearest to hand, and it didn't end up looking too shabby! I just now noticed I have some cat hairs stuck to the edge of my nail, hopefully the pretty glitter outshines them, haha.

Mani Ingredients:
Wet n Wild Megalast Candid Affair 
Maybelline Color Show Gilded Rose
OPI Viking in a Vinter Vonderland
Pure Ice Frost Finish Matte Topcoat

Wistonia plate W314

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Monday, July 18, 2016

Hearts & Glass Perfect Kiss

Morning all!

I found this polish on clearance at Grocery Outlet, the brand is called Hearts & Glass, I love that the bottle is actually heart shaped! This shade is named Perfect Kiss, the finish reminds me of A-England Briar Rose. I still haven't gotten around to buying any A-Englands, I basically want every polish they've ever made, so I'll need to start saving up.

Born Pretty sent me these cute vinyls which I used with OPI Viking in a Vinter Vonterland. If you get to shopping around, this code is good for 10% off: ALBK31

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Saturday, July 16, 2016

L'Oréal Voluminous VoxBox

Morning all!

I was so excited to open this voxbox, Influenster and L'oreal were extremely generous this time around, and I got quite the haul of makeup goodies~

I get the feeling the Voluminous Mascara and Primer are meant to be the stars of the box, but to be honest I was more excited to try the Brow Stylist Kit, it actually came with a mini tweezer, and combo spoolie/angled brush which are too tiny to actually use, but definitely a cute touch!

I used all of these products in the look above, I'm very happy with the brow kit, and the Infallible Eyeliner was great for my tightline. I've never used a lash primer like this before, it definitely boosted the length and volume of the mascara, but made for some major clump-age.
I was disappointed by the two eyeshadows, these came in the shades Paris Beach (the nude pink) and Pain Au Chocolat (the bronze shimmer), they go on super sheer and are not pigmented enough for my liking. So I went in with an old Wet n Wild eyeshadow palette over the top to boost the color.

I gotta give them props for the packaging, I'm digging the matte gold color scheme, very old school glam.

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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Nail Diaries: Length Update

Morning lovelies!

This is just a little update on how my nails are looking after the big chop, I'm slowly working my way back towards my original coffin shape. I've started using glass files to shape my nails, as they're gentler and seem to make for cleaner finish. And I've also been going crazy with jojoba oil to keep them hydrated and prevent breaks.
The file is from Germanikure (cute name right?), they sent me the "Books and Coffee" design which is pretty fitting for me, I think it's going to live on my desk at work, because god knows I have enough files at home.

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