Thursday, April 28, 2016

Portland Thrift Finds


I went to the Portland goodwill bins for the very first time last Saturday, and I came home with quite the haul! By far the best thing I found was this dark jade sateen dress, the brand is Words, but with such a simple brand name I couldn't find any info online.
It has cloth buttons down the front and corset strings in the back, and a darling heart shaped cutout on the bodice.

It's been raining nonstop the last week, so for now I'm pairing this with warm leggings and boots, but this will be a great outfit later on for this summer when it warms up~

this is a fun one to twirl in :)

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

I walked with you once upon a dream


While sorting through the pics I took of this design I realized this looks just like an outfit of Princess Aurora, and the name Rose Gold Digger suits her as well since she's originally known as Briar Rose. I think there are even some roses hiding somewhere in that floral print~

I started with a base of Salon Perfect Rose Gold Digger then I stamped with China Glaze In a Lily Bit and BPL-027, and of course finished it off w/shiny topcoat.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Cloudy Violet Fractals


I felt like using a "fun" polish, so I brought out a thermal from BPS, but it was too cold to make the shift from purple to blue, so it ended up looking a 'lil drab. I only wore these for two days, so I never got around to snapping any pics while they were blue...

To brighten things up, I added some geometric stamping w/China Glaze In a Lily Bit and BPL-027. I finished these off with the usual thick coat of shiny topcoat. I love that the stamping came out sheer enough that you can still see the glitters peeking out from underneath.

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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Swatch Sunday: Salon Perfect Rose Gold Digger

Hello everyone!

I feel like everybody and their dog has jumped onto the rose gold bandwagon, and it's just now trickling down to drugstore brands.
I'm not brave enough to sport rose gold locks (a.k.a too lazy for that level up upkeep), but I can
certainly have it on my nails!

This is Salon Perfect Rose Gold Digger, it's a super fine mix of light pink and gold glitters in a clear base. Shown above is three coats w/shiny topcoat. Because this is a such a fine glitter, removal wasn't too terrible, about the same as a texture polish. Stay tuned to see some floral stamping with this polish later on!

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Friday, April 22, 2016

Neon Geometric Double Stamping

Morning all!

I got the inspiration for this mani from a nail account on IG, and I was sure I bookmarked the post or at least pinned it on Pinterest, but I can't track it down for the life of me :( It was double stamped in the same color scheme, but I changed the design quite a bit.

I loved these nails before adding the second layer of stamping and felt bad covering it up, so they got their own post as well. These started with a base of OPI Alpine Snow, and the stamping was done first with Salon Perfect Oh Snap! & BPL-027, and then Spoiled Visually Slimming. Then finally I matted this with Pure Ice Frost Finish.

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Surimi Swirls

Morning everyone!

I didn't start out intending to stamp Surimi nails, but while I finished these off with matte topcoat, I realized they look exactly like the classic ramen topping. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, scroll to the bottom of the post to see a pic of some real Surimi on top of an awesome bowl of ramen I got in Portland a while back.

These started with a base of OPI Alpine Snow, and the stamping was done with Salon Perfect Oh Snap! & BPL-027, and finally I matted this with Pure Ice Frost Finish.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The tale of my seven dollar polish cabinet

Morning everyone!

I've been storing my polish hoard in stackable flat plastic boxes for the past year, and it has gotten pretty out of hand, the boxes are way too heavy to move around so I'd been ignoring all my shimmers for ages because they're on the bottom (I have my hoard sorted by finish, creme, shimmer, crelly, etc.)
Then I also ran out of room for new bottles, so polish was just laying unsorted on the top, and it was just a big mess.

I was perusing the Goodwill bins, and of course I snagged some cute clothes per usual, but then I spied this beauty hiding in the furniture section. For seven dollars!
There's a 'lil hole hiding in the back which explains the pricetag, but since it's facing the wall, that doesn't bother me a bit. And there's still a whole door to fill with more glittery polish! The boxes on top are holding all my stamping plates and nail art brushes.
Having everything sorted out and being able to see all the polish lined up is awesome, if I can't see polishes I end up not using them unless I need that specific color for a weird design, so this will definitely help me make good use of my extensive hoard.

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